About Us


Carmen, one of the bars having live music every night in Saigon, has been established and operated since early 2000 to present.

The bar was designed and constructed based on the architecture of Southern Spain. From the stony-wall stretching, the mortar’s colour to every single brick, Carmen Bar looks like an antique villa in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City’s Central Business District, separated from the surrounding “multi-level” constructions in modern styles.

Carmen Bar’s perspective and aspiration is bringing a “cozy-home” atmosphere to our guests, which is transmitted by the warm tone lighting, combined with smooth  melodies and exciting dance,  performed by our professional and friendly House-band (from Vietnam and Philippines). All band members have worked closely together with Carmen Bar for the past 15 years, in order to deliver to the audiences the pure Gypsy and Latino music, which are considered as part of the complex music styles in the world.

Interior décor is in a very “bold” Acoustic style, with the tables typically made ​​of wooden barrels and “3-legs” chairs in saddle shape, makes every individual guest who enters into Carmen would feel like he/she is in a medieval castle’s cellar.

Following the unique building construction and attractive Gypsy music performed, “Sangria” – a Spanish traditional cocktail, which is also well-known in all over the world – has been selected as the signature-drink from the bar, often suggested to our guests, and used as a “compliment on the house” in important occasions at Carmen Bar.

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