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Love is an everlasting song and an endless story. It seems like God would like to deliver an eternal life to humans, so He created a great fire, through love.

“The happiest thing in life is to love and to be loved”.

Indeed, nothing else will make us be happier than being loved and be able to love.

What would be more passionate than “Romeo and Juliette”’s romance? Which kind of love would be sweeter and more affectionate than the love of Marius and Cosette? In further, there is no love brings the noble-mindedness and anguish, as much as the emotion Quasimodo had spent on Esmeralda in “the Hunchback of Notre-Dame”?

But, for an immortal love, little part of it is still missing. Carmen could make this. With its main female character, this story was transformed into an Opera masterpiece based on the same titled short novel, written by Prosper Mérimée. After its 1st performed in 1875, Carmen had added a greater fame onto Georges Bizet career. Is that what French called “’L’Amour ardent” or “Le feu de L’amour”?

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