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Somebody thinks that Carmen Bar looks like a nomadic chariot of Digan (or Bohemian) people. Someone says Carmen Bar seems like a wine cellar more, with an extremely “unique” design… And almost anyone who comes to Carmen Bar also is remindful of a gypsy girl with the bohemian long dresses, dancing and charismatic… All of these images exude the desire for freedom and the eternal flames of love, which can burn off the men who approach her… Even though it has been called with any “name”, from the individual’s imagination, Carmen Bar is still something really unique and always immediately attracts you from the first steps.

Carmen Bar has been established for more than 15 years, locates on a quiet part of Ly Tu Trong street – which is considered as one of the main road in Ho Chi Minh City CBD, surrounded by multi-level buildings in modern styles.  With its unique architecture, Carmen Bar is a focal point, catches every passenger’s eyes once they go pass it. When you start walking along the stony wall, the stairs will lead you to a rough wooden door. Behind that wooden door, the interior décor, in a very “bold” Acoustic style with the tables typically made of wooden barrels and “3-legs” chairs in saddle shape, makes every individual guest who enters into Carmen would feel like he/she is in a medieval castle’s cellar.

And … Here they come, the boys and girls in traditional Gypsy costume, with red shirts and long dresses, will bring to you an adequate service while enjoying the drinks you ordered. Carmen’s Menu varies with different types of drinks (with or without alcohol) and the delicious cocktails, such as Carmen Special, Mojito, Don Jose, … Especially Sangria – a Spanish traditional cocktail, which is also well-known in all over the world – has been selected as the signature-drink from the bar, often suggested to our guests who come in groups or couples, and used as a “compliment on the house” in important occasions at Carmen Bar.

Carmen Bar opens from 6:30pm till midnight with live music every night. At 9pm, the stage will be filled up by singers and musicians of Carmen’s house band (from Vietnam and Philippines). With different instruments including Bass, Guitars, Percussion and Piano, they will deliver a pure Gypsy style in New Flamenco and Latino music, which are considered as part of the complex music styles in the world. The Flamenco dance will lead you go to different emotions. Although, there are times when you do not understand the lyrics in Spanish, but the tone of love and life will make you feel ecstatic. You will tap your feet or clap your hands to follow the music or even step out of your table to dance with the singers.

In addition, the emergence of Latino music with Salsa dance (guests who know how to dance will join the singers) in the 2nd set, makes the atmosphere becomes more playful and exciting. At end, the appearance of Mr.Quang Vinh – the singer won “the Best French-songs Singer in Saigon” hosted by French Consulate in 2012, will bring to you whether romantic or exciting French goldies, which have been very familiar with Saigonese for long time.

Furthermore, the amazing thing that Carmen Bar aims to provide a “cozy-home” environment, filled in with professional music and lively dances, for you to make an escape from the stress in day-to-day living activities. The bar is not noisy, so you still can share the conversations with friends. So that’s a place for everyone in all age ranges.

Particularly, Carmen Bar regularly organizes exciting events on special occasions, such as guests’ Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Halloween Carnival… and of course, in these occasions, visitors come to Carmen will receive giving-away gifts like roses, chocolate, or champagnes…

Now, please put this address into your pocket: 8 Ly Tu Trong St., Dist.1, HCMC to come up with live music from Carmen’s Band every night at 9PM!

-   From Thuy Nguyet Editor - 

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